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Where to meet your future husband

Where to meet your future husband
In your twenties, it seems like the most important issue when determining a boyfriend's potential for a long-term relationship is whether the guy in question treats you well.
Added: 9 January, 2018
However, as you inch towards 40 and your biological clock goes from a soft ticking noise to a full-out alarm, other qualities in potential partners become important. Can you imagine him coaching little league? Is he nurturing? Most importantly, does he like and want kids?

But scouting out good dad material isn't always easy, and unless you want your future kids' first words to be "Jack Daniels," bars and other drinking establishments are probably not the best place to look. Instead, try one of the locales below.

1. A Pet Store

Pet stores, especially ones like Petco that allow you to bring your pet in with you, are a good place to start on your search for your future children's dad. Not only are pets excellent icebreakers, but owning a pet is a large responsibility and requires a lot of time and patience, not unlike a small child. If a guy enjoys taking care of and spending time with a pet, then there's a possibility that he might enjoy and want to have children some day too.

2. A Volunteer or Charity Organization

Likewise, a man who regularly volunteers his time is definitely sperm-donor worthy. Many men may want to have kids for selfish reasons or just to have them, but a guy who goes out of his way to selflessly improve the lives of others would be the kind of dad who would always put his kids first and not just when it was convenient.

3. Home Depot

Fact: Men who flit around from city to city, house to house, and/or girlfriend to girlfriend are not ready to settle down yet. However, a man who owns a home is like a waving flag when it comes to rock-solid father potential. Paying a mortgage every month requires stability, responsibility, and a conscientious thought about the future, all things that are musts to be a good dad. You would definitely want to have a kid with someone whose already sewn their wild seeds and is ready to put down roots, not one contemplating quitting his job and backpacking across China next month. And what store do these men roam the aisles of when they need to buy shelving or contemplate gutting out a bathroom of their homes? Home Depot, of course.

4. PTA

Why not date a guy that already has children? A single dad who regularly attends parent's association meetings or volunteers to coach softball is exactly the kind of man you'd want. And many organizations are so badly in need of volunteers, it's not even necessary to have children (or borrow them from your friends) in order to attend.

5. Church Group

Men who are spiritual are more likely to embrace traditional lifestyles, including settling down and having kids, than men who aren't. However, more than that, having a similar parenting style and common values is also important to consider when selecting the father of your children.
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